Dungeon World Magic Items

Just a few magic items I created for our Dungeon World game last night that I thought others might find useful.

Ring of Invisibility

 0 weigh

When you put this on, you are invisible until you touch another living being. Roll +CHA. On a 7-9, also choose 1; on a miss, both:

  • your invisibility ends if you make any noise
  • you are blinded while invisible

Lucky Knucklebones

0 weight

When you toss these, roll +Wis. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7-9, choose 1:
  • treat your next roll as a hit (7-9) instead of rolling, so long as you still have the knucklebones.
  • hold 2. you can spend this 1-for-1 on future rolls, so long as you still have the knucklebones.
  • the next time you miss a roll, treat it as a 10+, but the roll after that automatically misses, so long as you still have the knucklebones.

Undetectable Pocket

0 weight, worn
When sewn to an article of clothing, it creates a pocket that can hold small items. This pocket is unfindable by any search, and anything in it is also undetectable.

Band in a Box

4 weight
This small footlocker is fitted with heavy straps, making it as easy to carry as any box of that size can be. When opened, a selection of instruments emerge from the box, held by invisible, insubstantial musicians. These musicians will join into any music that is being played, providing perfect accompaniment, and providing a +1 to any actions accomplished due to this music.   
If a bard opens the box, roll +CHA. On a hit, they can choose the instruments that emerge. On a 10+, the instruments can play at the bard’s direction even if they stop playing, but the bard must start the tune with them. 

Ring of the Spotlight

The wearer can call down a powerful spotlight on them at any time. The light is bright as day (but is not sunlight), and lasts as long as the wearer doesn’t leave the area, or until they dismiss it. 

Sword of Direction 

1 weight
This sword contains a trapped faerie. Ask it any question that could be answered by a direction or location, and roll +INT. On a 7-9, choose 1; On a 10+, both:
  • the sword will direct you to the answer
  • you get a feeling for how far away the answer is.

Fan of Fleeting Memories

0 weight
When you fan this at someone, roll +Cha. On a 7-9, choose 1; on a 10+, choose 2:
  • They forget that they have met you
  • They forget what they have recently talked to you about
  • They forget what they recently saw you doing

Clockwork Crow

0 weight
Send the crow to somewhere, and it will observe and then return to you, and you can see what it saw.

Abusing Magic in Rolemaster

I was looking at the spells available to my Rolemaster ranger, and thinking about all the cool things I could do with them. Mind you, “cool” in this case is more about entertainment than effectiveness. 

Arcane Pouch let’s her create an extradimensional space where she can put things and retrieve them at will. Balance Weapon let’s her “balance anything to increase its suitability for becoming a thrown weapon. For example…a chair….” Combined, she can pull bar stools out of nowhere and chuck them at her enemies. [ok, not really–the space is limited to small objects and shortish durations. Oh well.]

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