Polishing Four Colors al Fresco

I just sent off an email to the person outside of the designers who best knows Four Colors al Fresco. I’m trying to polish a couple rough edges (Masterminds, character advancement, gaining Storypath cards), and hoping he can put together a playtest group and help me out. But if anyone else out there can do the same or has played before and discovered/invented a solution—or just has an idea from reading this—please feel free to chime in.

Following is the slightly-edited message I sent.

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Walker Recall Ramifications

Somebody asked whether they should worry that the results of the Walker recall election are an indication of things to come. This was my response:

I’m pretty sure it *is* a precursor. Walker and the Fitzgeralds and the Kochs have demonstrated that by lying about their agenda they can get whomever they want elected; given the right elected officials, they can get whatever they want passed; and once their true colors are seen, enough money means it doesn’t matter what they’ve passed.

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