Galaxy Squad Mechaton

About a month ago, I had just disassembled the first line of Galaxy Squad sets and wanted to force myself to build something from just their parts–the constraint helps me work on my creativity. I haven’t been happy with the polish or problem-solving of my building of late, which is probably due to not much building in the last 5+ years, and not a whole lot more than that in the previous decade. 

Anyway, I was trying to decide what to do, and that’s when Mobile Frame Zero arrived. Perfect synergy! So, I set out to build a Galaxy Squad-themed Mechaton (er, sorry, MF0) squad. It was a fun exercise, with mixed results.

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Awesome Dice!

(For those just tuning in, I usually strive for a bit meatier content; fluff posts like this are intended to be rare.)

This has been a good spring for dice. Not that I needed any more. But I received the rewards for backing a couple cool crowdfunded projects, as well as a belated Christmas present. I thought I’d share partly just ’cause I think they’re cool, and partly to provide a little shout-out for the various creators.

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