Eight Deadly Words without five deadly words?

I’m now 14.25 episodes into Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and I realized both why I’m watching and why I’m not telling anyone else to watch.

I don’t care what happens to these people

But here’s the funny thing: I do care what happens.
I want to know where the plot leads, and I really want to know the answers to the many mysteries and questions.


I want to know who the blue torso is and what that tells us about “Tahiti”. I want to know what Tahiti stands for. I want to know if Skye has superpowers. But not to see how she or anyone else reacts–I’m just curious about the powers. I want to know if the Clairvoyant really is–and if he’s a character from the comics. I want to know whether the secret groups that seem to be working for SHIELD really are. And so on. I want know why Coulson is so special–or that he actually isn’t.

But this is all about the plot, the world-building, the mystery. Put completely different characters in there, and it really wouldn’t make a difference. Well, I might like or dislike them, and thus care, but I wouldn’t care that these characters were gone.

And I’m not sure where to put the blame. I’ve enjoyed some of these actors elsewhere. I’ve liked everything else Whedon has written. I’m interested in the world. And as I said, I like the storylines. We even have good ongoing development of both the plot and the characters. I just don’t care about those characters.