Lego is Good People, After All

This spring, I placed an order from the Lego Shop online. Somehow, set #8259 ($10/165pcs) got turned into #8295 ($90/1182pcs). And clearly the error was at the fulfillment stage, because the invoice included in my package listed the correct set, and I was charged the correct amount. For a moment, I thought of considering the larger set it a loyal-customer reward. But I knew that I couldn’t have them making mistakes of that magnitude on a regular basis, so I had to let them know, in case it reflected a systemic problem.
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zombies:disease :: babies:drug

A couple of interesting news stories, about taking metaphors a step further:

Zombies are like a disease you can’t cure, only contain. But these researchers went a step further and took the ‘like’ out, and used them as a model in a book on disease modelling. Also, i didn’t know you could have a question mark as part of your name. That opens up all sorts of nifty possibilities for getting my name legally changed….

And one mother argues that parents of newborns are like addicts in their obsession over their babies —which would mean that a baby is a drug. Suddenly, Children of Earth doesn’t seem so ridiculous, does it?