Professional Profile

This page is for collecting my professional profile.

Résumé (if you want the succinct version)

Curriculum vitae (if you want the more-detailed version)

LinkedIn profile

Twitter: @NatBarmore

Examples of my work

A libguide for roleplaying game scholarship and research. (use password LIS635) [this is currently unavailable. I’m working to resolve that.]

Interactive visualization of societal contributions to bicyclist accidents

I did the editing, layout, and cover for the Dread roleplaying game, an excerpt of which is visible here.

Introduction to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) (Jing/ video, so Adobe Flash required.) School assignment of a <5-min explanatory video on a technology-related topic.

Science books for grades K-3 This is a readers’ guide to science books that read on two levels, one suitable as a read-aloud for a pre- or beginning reader, the other for a parent or independent reader.

Professional References

Please contact me if you need to talk to references; I’m not publicizing them here, for obvious reasons. My email address and phone number are on my résumé, linked above, where hopefully the spambots won’t find it.