Professional Profile

This page is for collecting my professional profile.

Résumé (if you want the succinct version)

Curriculum vitae (if you want the more-detailed version)

LinkedIn profile

Twitter: @NatBarmore (I’m not prolific)

Examples of my work

A libguide for roleplaying game scholarship and research. (use password LIS635) [this is currently unavailable. I’m working to resolve that.]

Interactive visualization of societal contributions to bicyclist accidents

I did the editing, layout, and cover for the Dread roleplaying game, an excerpt of which is visible here.

Introduction to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) (Jing/ video, so Adobe Flash required.) School assignment of a <5-min explanatory video on a technology-related topic.

Science books for grades K-3 This is a readers’ guide to science books that read on two levels, one suitable as a read-aloud for a pre- or beginning reader, the other for a parent or independent reader.

Professional References

Please contact me if you need to talk to references; I’m not publicizing them here, to protect them from being scraped by robots and spammers. My email address and phone number are on my résumé, linked above, where hopefully the spambots won’t find it.