iOS 9 Revokes Permissions?

iOS 9 introduced a bizarre permissions/sharing problem: Apps that need permission (at least some of them) to access some part of the OS no longer had it. So, Camera+ couldn’t access the camera, Fantastical couldn’t access my calendars. In both cases, the apps had had permission and I’d been using them right before the update. In both cases, the app directed me to go to the Privacy part of the settings and allow access, and in both cases where there should be a list of apps that have asked for or been granted access, there was nothing. I tried wiping and re-installing Fantastical in the hopes that it would trigger a request.

iOS 9.0.1 fixed this for me. The access came back without me even having to authorize it. (iPhone 5, in case it matters)

I’m tossing this up here because I couldn’t find anything online about it. So now there should be at least one Google hit relating to it, if someone else is having the same problem.

Vista Doesn’t Like My Keyboard

At work, we’re in the process of switching over to a computerized dispatch system. So I have to get used to MSWindows Vista. Mostly, it’s just an OS—it doesn’t work the way I’d expect, but mostly just in little ways. And Firefox doesn’t seem to know about the Flash plugin that IE8 is obviously using just fine, so i can’t watch Hulu with Firefox. If i want to watch some TV[1], I have to use IE8, which sometimes makes it through an entire episode of a TV show without locking up. But only sometimes. And, in fairness, I might have this problem on a Mac, too, if i didn’t have admin access. Though I know there’s an Internet Plug-Ins folder in my user folder, so i should be able to put something there, just fine, without admin access. Maybe there’s an equivalent in Vista that I just don’t know about?

But here’s what is driving me absolutely batty: MSWindows Vista apparently switches between available keyboard settings willy-nilly. Or, at least, I can’t quite find a pattern. Continue reading