Time & Temp Matrix

I’m running a game of Time & Temp, the awesome and ridiculous game of minimally competent temp employees protecting history from tampering and paradox. It relies on a shared “Temporal Matrix” and “Anachronometer”, but we’re playing online.

So I put together a Google doc to share. I also added a couple additional notes about rolling the dice and the Temporal Villainy Index. Oh, and identified where you start marking the Anachronometer for Temporal Villainy, because I had to cross-reference several bits to figure that bit out the first time, and it’s the part I have to re-figure out each time I play it. 

With Eppy’s permission, I’ve made a copy of this to share with everyone. The colors don’t have any semantic content, so hopefully this should work well for people with color vision deficiencies, too. The shading does have some semantic content: darker areas are informational; lighter areas are for input. Obviously, feel free to make your own copy and strip the color out or improve it in any other way. 

To use it for the game, I keep this as a master sheet and make a copy for each time/place. I also set protections so that the players can’t accidentally modify the master sheet, and protect everything except the input areas on the time/place sheets from editing. I haven’t decided yet what I’m going to do about indicating the value of locked paradox dice. I’m thinking I’ll change the shading of that cell when I check it.