Not only don’t we look far enough into the future (which is hard), we don’t look far enough into the past (which is easy)

I was listening to BBC World, which sent a reporter to Georgia [USA] to check out the claims of tea party folks. Specifically, they were focusing on the plight of the middle class. And I was a little disappointed since, (1) the BBC doesn’t have a horse in this race and (2) their reporting is usually so good, that they didn’t press people a little more, forcing them to support their claims.

Now, I don’t think there’s any debate that the middle class is disappearing, with the rich getting richer and median income declining. The debate is over causes and solutions. And here’s where reality and many tea party advocates part company.

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Malicious, or Incompetent?

OK, it’s not like I had a very high opinion of Fox News before last week. But, still, I expected heavily-slanted reporting, emphasizing things that supported a more-conservative POV, and glossing over or ignoring things that undermined the same. Maybe some heavy spinning. But outright, bald-faced, self-serving [er, conservative-serving, at least]—and transparent—lies? Continue reading