This is the personal blog of Nat Barmore, aka woodelf. I’ve been around the RPG world for decades, participating in design/theory discussions and hovering on the edge of the professional world, as well as playing as often as I can. I’m half of the creative team behind Dread and Four Colors al Fresco, games published by The Impossible Dream. In fact, these days I pretty much am The Impossible Dream (the others have gone their separate ways).

This blog isn’t just about RPGs, however–that’s just where you’re most likely to know me from, if you do. As the title implies, I’ll cover whatever is on my mind–lots of RPG stuff, but also politics, music, dance, bicycling, science, and other matters.

I’m currently in grad school working on my library & information science degree, so expect to see a bit more of that showing up here as time goes by and I discover I have something to say on the topic.

2 comments on “About

  1. Rich Rowan says:

    Hi Nat, can you drop me a line about Everway? Would like to get access to some of your old content.

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