Lexiphanicism is Fun!

I really thought about titling my blog “alieniloquent disquisitions fomenting chrestomathic mentimutation”, but decided that was too pretentious. Well, strictly speaking, would be taken as too pretentious. It’s actually intended to be so over the top that it has ceased being pretension, and is instead parody, or perhaps self-mockery. But I doubt most people would realize I was being tongue-in-cheek, so instead I’ll just write a very brief little “what might have been” post. And, for the record, I don’t begin to pretend that’s my normal vocabulary. I hadn’t even seen most of those words, prior to having read through the Grandiloquent Dictionary.

Oh, for those who want a translation: “long-winded, elaborate, essays that tend to digress and stray from their points, which are intended to promote [subversive] changing of the reader’s mind towards a greater devotion to academic pursuits or learning in general,” roughly. Not bad for 5 words, huh? See, obscure words are useful for their precision. ;-)