Things I Learned Moving

Moving brought to mind Hans My Hedgehog: “I have worn through 3 pairs of iron shoes walking the world to find you”. Well, I believe that I wore through [wore out?] 8 backs, as well as keeping a couple other people busy doing non-lifting things, getting my truck packed. [My apologies if my counting is off–I’m not intentionally omitting anyone.]

If this is the easier way, I don’t want to know what the hard way is

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Losing at Mechaton

Well, as usual, I lost when we played Mechaton. In fact, this time around, I didn’t just not-win–I was the first to be eliminated, and was the only one to end the game without a single mech still standing, and not even my own station still on my side.

Mr. Green 7
Mr. Green, flexin’ his claws

And I had a blast getting there! I’m not sure whether that speaks to the awesomeness of Vincent’s game, or just to the awesomeness of blowing up little Lego robots with other little Lego robots, but I never fail to have fun with Mechaton, no matter how the game goes.

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