DC Shadows, Session 6

Sergei and Barry debate what to do with the vampire they were hitting with the car. They decide to restrain him while they look for something to stake him with. They manage to put a stake through him. call Dennis to fill him in on the vampire they caught (the one who was watching Kassandra before). They tell Dennis that they’ll meet him at Dimitri’s Hold after they retrieve Opal who wandered off and was acting strangely. Then they call the Sheriff to take care of any evidence and potential witnesses.

[Hmmm…that’ll teach me not to write these things up on time—I guess that stuff didn’t happen last week.]

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DC Shadows, Session 5

This week’s notes were particularly poor, because we were having a really fun time, with lots of non-mood-destroying joking around and zaniness. Which kept distracting me, an then I’d suddenly realize I hadn’t written anything down in half a scene. So, I suspect there are some things missing—and possibly some significant things. As usual, that’s what the comments are for.

Saturday night, everyone wakes up to voicemails, reporting fraudulent charges on their credit card [which is known code for “get your ass to Elysium, right now“]. Everyone heads more-or-less straight to Elysium, and find a very strange set-up when they get there: There are banners for each of the clans, except Tremere, with the members of each clan clustered under their banner. The Sheriff comes into the room and announces that each clan will go with its Primogen, and discuss the 5 dead people found at the rave [that we obviously shouldn’t’ve left—but more on that later].
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DC Shadows, session 4

This week, Lars was absent, and thus Sergei was mostly tied up assuaging the agents of the Sheriff and the Ventrue Primogen that Dmitri’s Hold wasn’t a liability to the Masquerade (and checking it for bugs). Also, I wasn’t take the notes, so there are a few more details than usual that I’m not sure I’ve gotten right. I’ve also interpolated from the notes and my [questionable] memories, so I may have imputed some motives, behaviors, or even events, that aren’t true.

Parry, through a supreme act of willpower, stays awake Fri, and sneaks into the morgue before dawn. He hides there during the day, in order to sneak into the ME’s office and mess with some of Nikki’s work, in the hopes of getting her in trouble. With a bit of luck, he manages to identify some important paperwork (an autopsy report in a criminal case), and absconds with it. He then returns to hiding until dusk. During the day, he hears a few voices whose source he can’t identify, but is unable to find Nikki’s brother.

When he gets up [Fri night], Dennis has a voicemail from the Sheriff. Since he was the last person to have talked to the Tremere primogen (Alexander Wright), the Sheriff wants to talk to him. Barry also has a voicemail from the Sheriff telling him to come and meet him at Elysium, and to bring “that Lasombra” [Opal] along. So Barry gives Opal a call, and tells her to head to Elysium.
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DC Shadows, session 3

or, Dmitri’s Hold, Where Way Too Many People Know Your Name

On Thurs, Sergei awoke to find his maître d’ agitated. Upon confronting him, he was told that there had been an unusual delivery along with the day’s liquor shipment: a large sturdy wooden box, coffin-sized, sealed with metal bands. The label on it said “Dmitri’s Hold, c/o the owner”.

Sergei had the box moved to one of his hidden private rooms, and then opened it. Inside was a young-ish woman, dressed for a classy club, and staked through the heart. The inside of the box had been smeared with blood. At this point, Sergei revised his ghoul’s memories to recall a large shipment of exotic old-world liqueurs, not for general consumption. He checked the woman for ID: Alyssa Davenport, dob 1977.
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DC Shadows, Session 2

Caitlin was absent this session, so Opal was not on screen. Perhaps she did something else that we’ll find out about later (i.e., gave Faith a call and played out some stuff solo).

Also, I was a bit sleep deprived this session, so when my character wasn’t present, I tended to zone out—it certainly makes it easy to avoid using out-of-character knowledge, if you don’t have the knowledge in the first place. But it means that my summary is more unreliable than usual. edit: In fact, while I’m confident of all of these events, I’m pretty certain that I’ve jumbled the order of some of them. So assume that all of these things took place on either Tues or Wed night, but which night I might be wrong about.

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