Spotlight Sucks

OK, I know that spotlight does all sorts of nifty, powerful things. However, it shouldn’t do them at the expense of the simple things that a find utility should be able to accomplish. I can’t remember the last time I could think of some text inside of a document to search for that was in any way unique—or even unusual—and on the rare occasions when I can, I can’t think of the exact text, only the rough sort of text (“it was something about haikus”). And without a verbatim quote, a text search agent of this sort is pretty useless. Now, that’s all very fine and dandy—the fact that I don’t search that way doesn’t mean that it’s bad that it provides those capabilities. For all I know, there are tons of people who really need to search inside of files on a daily basis. And, if i were using this in a work environment, I can think of several instances where it would be supremely helpful: finding everything relating to a client by searching for the client’s name or trademark, frex. But I don’t work with a lot of proper nouns, and they’re often in the filename when i do.

So, on to my complaint: Spotlight is near-useless for locating files. Oh, it’s great for locating file contents, but if what you know, prior to performing the search, is stuff about the file, rather than about its contents, it’s not much help. Continue reading