Awesome Dice!

(For those just tuning in, I usually strive for a bit meatier content; fluff posts like this are intended to be rare.)

This has been a good spring for dice. Not that I needed any more. But I received the rewards for backing a couple cool crowdfunded projects, as well as a belated Christmas present. I thought I’d share partly just ’cause I think they’re cool, and partly to provide a little shout-out for the various creators.

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Dixit, a Review

I played Dixit at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party, and can’t wait to play it again. Everyone who played it absolutely loved it. Dixit plays on the intersection of the visual and verbal parts of the brain in a way that is just about perfect. Unlike games like Pictionary, a lack of artistic talent is no impediment. And unlike Scrabble or Taboo, a large vocabulary or particular facility with language isn’t really required, either.

The basic game play is very simple: everyone is dealt out some cards, and then each player in turn chooses a card from their hand. Everyone else then chooses a “matching” card from their hand, the chosen cards are all shuffled together, and everyone tries to identify the original card. So far, much like a lot of games out there. Where the wonderfulness comes in is in the details.
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