#RPGaDay2015: 14 – The Mighty Notecard!

“Favorite RPG accessory”?

Um…really not sure how to answer this one. Notepad? Dice? Glass bead counters? But I don’t really think of those as “accessories”—they’re necessary (or at least awkward-to-do-without) tools to play the game.

The only things I’ve really used over the years that I would say are truly accessories are minis—and I haven’t used them in over a decade. (Plus, for some games they’re actually a key component, though nothing I’ve ever played.)

Does “videoconferencing” count as an accessory?

On the other hand, my “standard tools” for gaming have expanded over the years, so there are clearly things that I didn’t used to use but now do, which I guess makes them “accessories”. Of those, the most useful would be notecards. Just regular, 3”x5” lined notecards. Whether gaming at home, or going to a convention, or even just a a local gameday, I always have a stack of notecards with me. Notecards are the perfect way to plan out a villain’s plan. Notecards are stiff enough to stand up when folded and make excellent name cards so you can keep track of characters or players you’ve never met before. If you take your notes on notecards, you can rearrange them and organize them. Notecards are small enough to fit in a pocket (of a bag or clothes). You can lay notecards out on a table to diagram or organize something too big for most sorts of paper—enough notecards laid out can make any size map. Notecards are the perfect size for passing notes. A pile of notecards is the DIY version of spell cards, or magic item cards, or whatever you might need to keep track of. And multicolored notecards can categorize info to make organization easier.


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