#RPGaDay2015: 13 – RPG Podcasts?

I don’t really listen to RPG podcasts. I listen to a lot of podcasts, but all the RPG podcasts that held my attention for more than a few episodes have stopped producing, in some cases years ago. 

What I want in an RPG podcast is sophisticated debate of theory, or deep analysis of games. What I’ve found tends to focus on actual play, reviews, or things of interest to roleplayers (and not just RPGs themselves). The closest I’ve found recently is Ken & Robin Talk About Stuff, which often goes a bit deeper in their analyses, but RPGs tend to be just a fraction of the total runtime. Sometimes the non-RPG segments fascinate me; much of the time I wish there were chapter marks so I could easily skip them.

Most of my RPG information comes in the form of writing—I’m much more of a blog reader than a podcast listener. Plus, on blogs you can have a discussion; outside of SoundCloud, podcasts are pretty much one-way conversations, even if the podcasters also have a forum or blog where they engage in discussion. 

But if you know of a good RPG podcast that’s more about theory and analysis, please let me know! 


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