“Fake Geek Girls”?

Just a short one here.

I was just thinking about this the other day: the outcry over “fake geek girls” doesn’t even make sense. Set aside that it’s deplorable and hateful—where’d it even come from?

So, you’re a lonely geeky guy, and this girl shows up flying her geek flag—maybe she’s got a unix t-shirt on, maybe she’s playing D&D, maybe she’s in full-on cosplay mode. And your first reaction is outrage and accusation? Shouldn’t it be “OHMYGOD!! It’s a female geek! We have something in common! Maybe I can talk to her and she won’t run away!!” Why would you automatically assume that it’s an act? Do you automatically assume that a dude in a Neon Genesis Evangelion t-shirt is faking it? 

Or, ok, let’s take the accusation at face value. Honestly, I don’t think that geeky things have reached the point where anyone would want to be seen as a geek if they weren’t, but let’s just suppose. So now what you have in front of you is not a geeky girl, but a girl who is so interested in geeky guys that she’s willing to pretend to be a geek or, at a minimum, show interest in the things that geeky guys are into (but she isn’t—remember, we’re postulating that she is actually a fake geek girl) just to get their attention. 

Again, how is that bad? Shouldn’t you be practically salivating that her is a girl—possibly a super-hot cosplaying girl—who wants to spend time with geeks? Even if they really are fake, so what? Do you care that a girl isn’t actually that fond of Indian food, but is willing to go to an Indian restaurant because she’s interested in hanging out with you? Yeah, ok, you may want to sort out what is her own interest and what is for sake of you before you get married, but I think it’s perfectly reasonable to just go with it initially. 


4 comments on ““Fake Geek Girls”?

  1. kvanda says:

    Totally. The same guys crying “fake geek girl” are usually the same guys whining about not getting laid. The two are likely related.

    What is a “fake geek” anyway? Someone who doesn’t obsess over your fandom to the depth you do? Then I know a TON of “fake geeks”, male and female, because I know a lot of popurri geeks.

  2. yanniesaurus says:

    Yeah, but you cant deny that there are women out there that is in essence.. a fake geek girl. As in, she slept her way through out the entire FNM male population then complained that no wonen liked her because she would prance about claiming she was “Uber Geeky” and it was unbearable. I dont think every female falls into the caterfory but there is no denying that it is out there.

    • woodelf says:

      Ok, I’ll accept such people exist (though I haven’t met them personally). So what? The problem isn’t that they’re “fake geeks”, even if they are—the problem is poor social/relationship behavior, and the exact same problem would still exist absent the [fake] geekiness. And if they were genuine geeks, would they be any less disliked?

      (I’m not going to spend much time on the slut-shaming part of this, but if everyone is acting consensually, does it really matter, except in terms of communicable diseases, how may people someone has slept with?)

      • yanniesaurus says:

        I wasn’t slut shaming at all.. I merely stated that she slept her way through the FNM crowd and wondered why that fact affected her ability to make any friends with the remaining women. Not to mention she literally destroyed many friendships once everyone realized she was stringing them all along. I have no issue with her sexual exploits until they start to effect the way people saw the rest of us female gamer.

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