6 comments on “#RPGaDAY 30: HiT and Phoenae

  1. Brette:) says:

    great post! I collect all sorts of rpgs esp old ones.. Unaris was made 10 years ago (yes that long) and the other (Steeltown, 23 letter etc) are late 1990’s.. I have almost all if them mention, even HiT and Phaenae.. I have become interested in ashcans of late.. added a couple of those to the list of stuff to track down now (Giants I knew about, bit adding Time &Temp, Sign in Stranger and Kingdom of Nothing)..letme knw if you want to get rid of any;) Brette:)

    • woodelf says:

      Time & Temp isn’t really an ashcan, just a very limited print edition. Contact Epidiah (the author) and IPR—last I knew (which admittedly was several years ago), they each had 1 or 2 copies left.

      The ashcans of Sign in Stranger and Kingdom of Nothing don’t really give you anything the final versions don’t. So only track them down for their collector value.

      • Brett Easterbrook says:

        pretty sure I checked both places, IPR only has the PDF available… yes I have really been tracking these things down for the “collector value” LOL.. Old small print press stuff isn’t that easy to track down, but its fun when you do finally find a copy;)

  2. Jason says:

    Took a trip down nostalgia lane today (via Google) and found this.

    I am the author of Phoenae. Your description is quite flattering. I’m grateful that you ignore how time-consuming (exhaustingly time-consuming) the combat system was. The magic system was labyrinthine (and, in my opinion, largely unrewarding) as well. Frankly I’m surprised to have found even a single positive review. :) Happy to both prove my ownership as well as discuss the game if you’re interested.

  3. Rusty says:

    Ha ha! I helped play test Jason’s game. I googled Phoenae just to see if I could find any art on it. Funny to see Jason chime in. Long time bro.

    It doesn’t appear that Jason answered you but to the best of my knowledge (and I haven’t seen him in 20 years), he has not worked on another game.

    Jason’s combat system was probably the best I’ve ever played but it was exhausting to resolve combat. I never did pick up on all the complicated calculations in the background. However, Jason’s system was the only game I’ve ever played where I actually visualized the combat. If we were to do it over again, I would have advised Jason to build a PDF with javascript to handle all the calculations. Combat would have zipped by and you’d get all the benefits of his enhanced visualizations.

    FYI knows a little more than the average Joe about combat. Not only is he an avid gamer, but he’s a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and was studying Brazilian Ju Jitsu. Could be a black belt in that by now for all I know.



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