#RPGaDAY 16: GURPS Bunnies & Burrows

Hmmm…there are a lot of RPGs I wish I owned—I’m a bit of a collector, and even more of an obsessive reader/tinkerer/designer/player. Too many games, not enough money (or time)! The currently-available games that I keep wishing I could justify buying are the various Warhammer 40k RPGs. I have Dark Heresy and 1 supplement, but I love that universe, and I’d love to have at least all the core rulebooks—what are there, 6 now? But it’s hard to justify $50 a pop—much less ~$300 all told—for a game that I pretty much know I will never run or play. 

But the games I most want but don’t have are generally non-existent. I’ve been waiting nearly two decades for a Heresy RPG (sharing the world of the Heresy CCG), and in that time Flat Black, Ustio, Aun J’nu, and Zero Movement have all failed to materialize as commercial products, though some of them have shown up in some other format.

However, in the interest of listing something that I could someday acquire, I have been on the lookout for a copy of Pixie, a self-published RPG from the early-/mid-80s that was once reviewed in Dragon. I suspect, all these years later, that it is no longer innovative or novel, so it would now be merely a cultural artifact. But if I ever find it for a reasonable price, I’ll still have to grab it—I’ve been looking for it for 25 years or more, after all.

Similarly, there are two other 80s games that I would love to have. The British Doctor Who game and GURPS: Bunnies & Burrows. In the former case I have a legal PDF version, so I don’t really need hardcopy. As for Bunnies & Burrows: I have the original version, a good familiarity with the books, lots of experience hacking games, and a couple dozen setting-neutral systems, along with everything else I could potentially hack, so if I ever could get anyone to play Watership Down: the RPG, it’s not like I’d be hurting for the lack of a detailed RPG setting book. But I still want it.

Maybe I’ll luck into an affordable copy some day, like I did with Alma Mater


2 comments on “#RPGaDAY 16: GURPS Bunnies & Burrows

  1. Scott Chevalier says:

    Still looking for a copy of Ustio? I may be able to hook you up. Send me a mail. ;)

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