#RPGaDAY 8: Vacile Moşanu

I don’t know if Vacile Moşanu is my favorite character of all time, but he’s certainly in the top three, and he’s the most recent character I’ve played for any length of time (I’m often the GM), so he’s fresher in my mind.

Vacile is a Transnistrian former teen pop star who was recruited by a top-secret spy highschool due to his incredible charisma, ability to quickly assess others, and potential for leadership. He’s also a self-centered, casually-sexist ass. No, that’s not quite fair. He’s not so much narcissistic as solipsistic—it’s not that he thinks he’s more important than others, it’s that he verges on forgetting that others exist, with their own preferences and goals and desires. He just assumes that he knows best, but he really is a shrewd judge of character, which actually made him a relatively effective, if infuriating, leader for the team.

He often knew better than his teammates what they were capable of and who would be the best for any particular job on a mission (and a few Action dice often made it true, if he misjudged). And while he was overconfident about his own abilities, he recognized which things were simply not in his skillset. He always turned to his teammates for stealthy infiltration, computer hacking (oh, who am I kidding? computer use isn’t in his skillset), electronics in general, or combat. He refused to wear a flak jacket or the like, insisting that as the team’s face and de facto leader, if he got shot his teammates weren’t doing their job. And for him, that meant there was no real risk—because the only way they could fail to pull it off would be if he had misgauged their capabilities, and he wasn’t capable of understanding that he might misjudge someone. 

And he refuses to admit that his band, Universe Light, is done, or recognize the truly limited scope of their appeal. 

I need to explain the casual sexism: Vacile has old-fashioned views on gender roles. And, like all his judgements, he’s not afraid to voice them. He thinks he’s helping when he tells his female teammates that they would be more attractive if they’d just wear a skirt once in a while. He never underestimated girls’ or women’s capabilities, he just focused entirely too much on appearance. 

I also have only played him with a long-term group of friends who know that it’s just the character, and that I’m nothing like him, at least on this front. I was playing him for comic effect with people who knew it was an act. I would never play Vacile (or someone like him) with people I didn’t know well, because he is offensive and inconsiderate and sexist and selfish. He is a character bordering on a caricature, and a foil for everyone else. He’s the person we all—myself included—loved to hate. 


One comment on “#RPGaDAY 8: Vacile Moşanu

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