#RPGaDAY 4: Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space, Limited Edition

Well, this is a little embarrassing. Only a little mind you—I’m never embarrassed about Doctor Who itself. But I already have the original boxed set of Doctor Who: Adventures in Time & Space, and the content is almost identical. So even moreso than for RPGs in general, I really didn’t need this book. But I had a gift card to use, this was just staring at me on the shelf, and the images in it include a modest number of classic Who. So, I was weak. 

I guess I can redeem myself a little bit by saying that the most recent time I spent money on RPGs was on Kickstarter. That’s not buying something in the conventional sense (though I certainly hope that the projects succeed and receive my backer rewards), and I don’t have these things yet, but I did spend money for them. At the same time I backed Fragged Empires and Non-Player Cards, so I guess in one sense those are my most recent RPG purchases. 

I’m particularly looking forward to the Non-Player Cards because of the artwork: I still think that Everway’s chargen method is one of the best ever, and look forward to some new art cards for my RPGs


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