Probably not that surprising, but my first time playing an RPG was D&D. We were visiting college friends of my parents, in Chicago, and after playing River Raid on the Atari for a while, one of the older kids suggested D&D. I can’t remember if he actually told us what it was, or if he just said “let’s play this” (or words to that effect). Anyway, we played a quick game—I think I made my own character from scratch, but I’m not sure: a 1st-level wizard. I remember almost nothing about that game. It can’t have lasted more than 2 or 3 hours, including character creation. At some point, I got hold of a horn of bubbles, and used it to save my character’s life. I was hooked!

But there were a couple hitches before I really became a roleplayer. But that’s for the next post.  


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