Lego Color Guide

Just a quickie, here. Caitlin wanted to use my Legos for a knitting project, and needed some guidance on what colors existed and what to call them in order to buy more. So I put together a plate with examples of most of the colors I have. She suggested that I take a photo for reference, which is an excellent idea, because I sometimes have to do some digging and comparing to figure out the more obscure colors myself.

So, here it is. It’s mostly for me to reference in the future, but I thought I’d share in case anyone else would find it color guide 1

I tried to stick to 1x1s, plates or tiles preferred, as much as possible. Some of these colors never came in one of those pieces (the 1×1 with clip is just about the only piece medium lime has ever come in outside of some Belville and Scala sets), but most of them that aren’t 1x1s are just because I don’t happen to own any.

This is, of course, skewed by what I own. If I don’t own it, it’s not here. I also didn’t include several colors that I have very little of or only have relatively odd or specialized pieces in. (OK, chrome antique brass really shouldn’t be there, either–I have 3 more 1×1 round plates, and that’s it.)

Not pictured:

  • chrome blue (I have a couple astronaut visors from the Lego City sets, and that’s just about all it was ever produced in)
  • metal blue (a bunch of technic pieces from the big super battle droid which, again, is about all that was ever produced)
  • medium orange (1 bionicle sword)
  • glow-in-the-dark (ghosts and a couple 1×1 plates with tooth)
  • speckle black-gold (1 minifig armor piece)
  • speckle black-silver (only found in my collection as minifig weapons & armor)
  • pearl dark gray (a handful of minifig & bionicle bits)
  • copper (some robot minifig bits)
  • sand purple (a couple dozen pieces, most very specialized, from the Life on Mars line)
  • purple (some Znap connectors, 1 Life on Mars martian)
  • dark flesh (a few very specialized bionicle parts)
  • flat dark gold (a few very specialized bionicle parts)
  • milky white (a number of very old (~’60s) parts, mostly axles)

A couple other interesting tidbits. I hadn’t realized that TLG apparently refers to what the rest of us call “brown” as “earth orange”. Several of the other dark colors have “earth” as an adjective that I never would’ve applied them to. Mostly I prefer the Peeron names, followed by Bricklink. And this is the second time in as many months that I’ve seen “pink” and “purple” conflated in some fashion–very odd to me, since I would never think of applying the term “pink” to anything in the red-violet space.

I don’t know if TLG distinguishes between the two metallic silver colors, but Bricklink definitely doesn’t. which sorta surprises me. Similarly, I have two or three distinct colors that are apparently labeled as “pearl gold” in Bricklink and on Peeron: Neither of the 1x1s you see there is an exact match for any of the pieces that I can absolutely definitively say are pearl gold (because they never have been produced in any other color I could possibly mistake for gold), but there’s no other color name for them because I’ve identified definitive examples in my collection of all the other gold/copper/brass (even if they’re not pictured here), or the colors were never produced as 1×1 round plates.

Finally, whether TLG distinguishes them or not, I find it bizarre that the people running Peeron and Bricklink don’t distinguish those two transparent orange colors. One of those is from the Alpha Team sets around 2003, then the color disappeared for a few years, and when it came back (first with some City construction sets, I believe) a few years ago, it was a very distinctly new color

Here’s another view, with transparent medium blue added (I’d forgotten that I had a few pieces of that), and the Peeron and TLG color names added. Unfortunately, the light is not quite as good, so all the colors are slightly more muted in this version.

lego color guide 3
first color is the Bricklink name, 2nd is Peeron, 3rd is the official Lego color name.


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