Fiasco Actual Play

GM was sick last night so we decided to play a game of Fiasco. This is only the second time for 3 of us (on 2 separate previous occasions), and was new for the other two. We used the …in a Southern Town playset, and it was great fun!

We were playing via Skype, so here’s the Google Doc we used to track the setup and dice.

fiasco setup

That’s the state as of the Tilt, which was when we had to end because it was bedtime. 

For those who don’t know Fiasco, setting up the game consists of defining, in any order, the relationships between each person and the two setting next to them and a detail attached to each of those relationships. Once you’ve done that (the rules guide/restrict you, thus making it very interesting and usually at least a little bit odd), then you figure out who the people are that are involved in these relationships. 

The Players

The story that we put together out of these elements: Chanelle is a relatively young mother: 37, with a 20-year-old daughter. She is more in love with her purebred dog Chanelle #5, however. Her daughter Audrey is in a wheelchair due to a car accident. Rickey and Misty are a couple of schemers–they’re still deeply in love, but got divorced so that Rickey can marry Audrey and clean out her trust fund once she turns 21. Chanelle doesn’t approve of Ricky–though it has more to do with the fact that he doesn’t worship Chanelle #5, rather than how he treats Audrey (which is actually pretty well). Meanwhile, Misty has taken a job as a receptionist at the vet, where she’s picked up a friend-with-benefits (Ramsey, the vet) to keep her occupied while Ricky is married to Audrey. (As an aside, Misty is closer to Chanelle’s age than anyone else’s in this group–she might be a cougar-in-training.) Raoul is a Mexican immigrant without papers, a good plumber and without pretenses, but willing to do a lot of things given enough money. 

The Story So Far

By the time we reached the Tilt, Misty was worried that Ricky and Ramsey had been talking, Raoul had been Chanelle’s agent of rage against Ricky, only to then become Ricky’s buddy. Ricky has successfully poisoned Chanelle #5, and let the gulf between Audrey and Chanelle grow. Also, Raoul apparently has a thing for Chanelle. Along the way, Misty & Ramsey had a dawn tryst while riding the golf cart, where they spotted Raoul stealing golf clubs in order to enact the aforementioned rage on Ricky’s truck. Ricky left the gate open so that Chanelle #5 could play in traffic, and we saw Audrey, Ricky, Chanelle, and Chanelle #5 at the wedding cake tasting.

You know, we never did establish what happened to Audrey’s dad–maybe he died in the car accident?


Looking forward to finding out exactly how the Tilt changes things, and what happens with all those positive outcomes in Act II. Also wondering whether it will be Chanelle, Misty, or both that self-destruct.

One observation: I should’ve enforced the suggestion of a 2nd Need when there are 5 players. The game has been a bit low-key, with really only one (complicated) plot thread driving everything. 

If you haven’t played Fiasco, and like storytelling or roleplaying games at all, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.

One comment on “Fiasco Actual Play

  1. caityrosey says:

    This has been a fabulous game so far. Story gamer’s paradise.

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