My Life With Doctor Horrible

We needed a two-session fill-in for our regular gaming group, and after some discussion settled on My Life With Master. When we sat down to discuss the characters, it was immediately said that it was obvious who the Master was: Dr. Horrible. Not Dr. Billy Horrible, of course, but his great great great great great grandfather, Dr. Jan Horrible. He, too, aspired to be accepted into the Evil League of Evil Gentlemen, but getting Bad Horse’s[0] approval wasn’t easy. So he hit upon the scheme of creating a freeze ray to bring down the local Lord Hammer. However, to do so requires horrible experiments on the local villagers and their cattle, among other things—which suits Dr. Horrible just fine, as they never listen to him, anyway.

Then we got to character creation. I forget which came first, the kid brother or the incestuous sister, but once one of them showed up, it clicked, and we settled on his minions all being family.Here are the characters, mostly without stats—the Addams family by way of the House of Usher.

Dr. Horrible, young (mid-20s) mad scientist

brain-aspected teacher

need: build a freezeray [to depose Lord Hammer]

want: to be recognized for his tyranny by the Evil League of Evil

Dierdre, Dr. Horrible’s mom

more than human: can sew anything, except fabric

less than human: body is 100 years older than she really is, except when reflected in a silver-backed mirror

connections: Edward Stokes, Lord Hammer’s butler, the handsomest man she has ever known; Patricia, a seamstress in the village and an incorrigible gossip

Derrek, Dr. Horrible’s kid brother (10-ish)

more than human: delightfully cute, except in the presence of other children

less than human: covered in horrible boils, except after he takes a bath in human bones (amount of bone determines how long it lasts)

connections: elana, the apothecary’s wife, and the mother he wishes he had; Gaston, a boy his own age

Josephine, Dr. Horrible’s slightly-younger incestuous feral sister

more than human: can be completely unseen as long as the sun doesn’t touch her

less than human: feral, except when naked

connections: Seth, the stable boy she has a crush-from-a-distance on; Lissel, a blind townsgirl that Josephine thinks of as her best friend

Tibi, Dr. Horrible’s & Dierdre’s stitchwork “son”

more than human: strong like ox, unless soaked

less than human: smart like tractor, except about machinery

connections: Mrs. Miller (the miller’s wife); Father Maynard, the village priest. Every part of Tibi has been blessed at least twice by Father Maynard (baptism and last rites).

That’s it for now. As you can see, it’s a horribly dysfunctional family, but all the characters are certainly fun, and their relationships, too. One thing that’s turning out a bit differently than other games of My Life With Master I’ve played or heard about is that there seems to be a bit more interaction between the minions. Not tons, but it’s really easy for it to make sense for a 2nd minion to be involved in whatever one of them is doing.

I’ll write up the game play itself when I get a chance.

[0] Who says Bad Horse hasn’t lived a couple centuries?


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