Gen Con, pt 4

Fri morning started with Best Friends: The Clique. Caitlin and I played with a couple, plus the GM. The game itself is a fun little exercise in exaggeration. But I think the GM should’ve had a bit more structure prepared, or scheduled a shorter game. We started out worrying about Homecoming and campaigning for Homecoming Queen, and then progressed from there, fairly naturally. But it really felt like it was starting to peter out a bit towards the end. And it was unclear to what degree the GM had any plans for challenges or situations, beyond Homecoming, and to what degree she was letting us create our own.

To be clear, even then the game was great fun. The woman playing, hmmm, Cyndi?, was a riot—something tells me her highschool experience wasn’t as far removed from the basis of Best Friends as one would hope. But I think it could’ve been even more fun with a goal large enough in scope to encompass the whole game session, against which our rivalries and jealousies and friendships could play out, instead of a series of smaller situations, with not much connection between them other than the PCs.

So, the game dragged a bit towards the end, but was great fun for the first few hours. Unfortunately for you, most of the fun was situational—I really can’t relay it in a meaningful way here, because my recollection isn’t good enough to provide the context that makes it funny/clever/surprising/horrifying/whatever. And I was definitely having too much fun to take notes.


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