Time for Unicycle Mechs?

I stumbled into this Popular Science retrospective of large-wheeled vehicles, and understood instantly why there’s the obsession: wheels bigger than the rest of your vehicle are cool! A single wheel that encompasses your entire vehicle is even cooler. Heck, it’s just about the only thing that Lucas got right in the prequel trilogy. While there are potential efficiencies due to the large wheel, and thus shallow curvature and ability to deal with obstacles, and maybe even some advantages in maneuverability, I suspect a lot of inventors over the years have been wooed simply by the coolness factor, and the mechanical advantages are just an added bonus that makes it plausible to even try the design. (Or to sell it to investors.)

So now I’m wondering if I can make some mechs in the right scale for Mechaton that still look cool, or if they’ll just end up looking tiny, and lose any semblance of scale. We’ll see.

5 comments on “Time for Unicycle Mechs?

  1. Mantisking says:

    Reading this post has made me really want to try and make a monowheel mecha for Mechaton.

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