DC Shadows, Session 6

Sergei and Barry debate what to do with the vampire they were hitting with the car. They decide to restrain him while they look for something to stake him with. They manage to put a stake through him. call Dennis to fill him in on the vampire they caught (the one who was watching Kassandra before). They tell Dennis that they’ll meet him at Dimitri’s Hold after they retrieve Opal who wandered off and was acting strangely. Then they call the Sheriff to take care of any evidence and potential witnesses.

[Hmmm…that’ll teach me not to write these things up on time—I guess that stuff didn’t happen last week.]

Meanwhile, Dennis and Parry work on breaking into the downtown library. After ascertaining that security is minimal, they get inside (with an almost-comical lack of skill). They look for a book that matches the call number from Alex’s datebook. They find: A History of Space Exploration, by Gerhart Clayton. They do a thorough search around the place the book was stored and in the book itself, but to no avail: six different colors of chewing gum, five index cards with various notes on them, 17 pens and pencils. They decide to take the book with them so they can find someone to test it with Auspex (or for fingerprints). Parry checks for security cameras and decides to look and see if there is footage of someone who may have had a meeting at the place the book was stored. Overheard at the table: “It helps to assume you’re always being watched.” They find and search the security office. Parry tests the temperature of the thermos and chair to see how recently someone was here—pretty recently. Parry digs into camera footage, while Dennis watches for the security guard. Unfortunately, the interior cameras are on 72-hr tapes, meaning they miss any meeting that took place by a couple of hours. Luckily, the external cameras use 96-hr tapes, so Parry catches, on the tapes for the two front external cameras, William Dobbs…and then both cameras go snowy for three hours. Then tape comes back on and there is nothing else of note. Parry takes those tapes and heads out. Dennis reminds him to replace the tapes [but doesn’t know that Parry left the rest of the tapes pretty-obviously ejected from their machines]. As they sneak back out, they debate about what could have messed up the tapes. [Oh, and Dennis, who doesn’t show up on cameras, scouted their whole way, to keep them both off camera as best as possible.]

Barry pulls up to pick Opal up. She attempts to tell Barry what is going on but the voice keeps interrupting her. She accompanies Barry to Dmitri’s Hold. They get to the club around 4, which is roughly when Parry and Dennis arrive.

Sergei has been keeping an eye on the vamp—checking on the body periodically. It’s stashed in a storage room [in the basement, with finished concrete walls].

Parry and Dennis tell the others about how William Dobbs was at the library at 10:30, a little bit before the meeting time. He probably lost the phone before that (based on which messages he had gotten and which not), and it was then dropped at the warehouse later [intentionally?] . Sergei is asked to interrogate the new staked vampire. The Sheriff had said he’d take care of the staked vamp tomorrow, and it’s only two hours before sunrise.

The voice in Opal’s head has been very quiet, but it does not want her to tell the others about the voice.

Dennis decides to go search the body, but when they open the door the body is gone. Overheard at the table: “He was improperly staked.” Spoken by the person who did the staking. Ah, the joys of passive voice. Dennis, Barry, and Sergei quickly duck in and slam the door, and Dennis puts his back to the door. Parry and Opal are left outside, and Parry steps back and Obfuscates. Those in the room start searching for the prisoner. Barry suddenly finds it very difficult to control his anger. Dennis gets the bright idea to use his camera’s phone, and starts taking photos, which reveal a very annoyed kid—flipping him off, with a stake still through his chest. He suddenly appears, and Dennis and Barry go a little nuts. Sergei goes a lot nuts and bolts. Barry frenzies and goes for the not-so-captive vamp. Parry heads for the door, to try and get in. [Don’t remember this part—but then, i don’t remember what else I might’ve been doing at the time, either.] Sergei runs like a scared little girl, while Dennis has more presence of mind, but still needs to get away. They both run from the room ,leaving the door open, and stymying Parry’s plans. Parry instead decides to get the door closed again. Luckily, Barry is quicker than the captive, and grabs him before he gets out the door, giving Parry enough time to hobble over and pull the door closed. Opal whips out her phone and calls the Sheriff.

Trapped in the storage room, both Barry and the other vamp have lost control, and are each biting the other. Parry manages to jam the lock with his pocket knife, just in time. Overheard at the table: “You jam it in and break it off.” Parry is now listening, trying to tell what’s going on in the storage room. Somebody rattle the door, and starts pounding on it. By now, Dennis has regained control, and returned, gun drawn. Opal goes to look for help, and Sergei finally regains his composure, so she meets him, already on his way down, as she’s going up the stairs. Parry shouts “Look! The rest of the Sabbat pack!” and points up the stairs, past Opal and Sergei—thus giving himself enough time to Obfuscate and hit the deck, right in front of the door. Dennis has his gun leveled at the door, with the intention of shooting whoever comes through, and sorting it out later. Sergei takes up a similar position. Opal goes off to find hard liquor and a lighter, as a last resort, and returns just in time for the door to burst open. The captured vamp, already badly hurt, trips over Parry’s invisible prone form, but is taken out by a single shot from Dennis before anyone else can react. And then Dennis shoots him again, before he can even hit the ground. Just to be safe.

They see Barry’s prone form in the storage room, and while the others secure the no-longer-belligerant captive, Parry limps into the room and slits his wrist to dribble a little blood into Barry’s mouth, from a relatively safe distance. That’s enough to bring him around, and then Opal gives him enough blood to get him up and about. [so, that’s two partial blood bonds Barry’s working on…]

They discuss the situation, and decide that he seems to need to be able to speak to work his mojo, so a gag should solve that problem. There is much discussion on whether to kill him outright, leave him for the Sheriff to kill, or interrogate him. Finally, it’s decided that the info is too valuable to just give up, and the Sheriff is most likely to kill him outright without interrogating (based on previous behavior)—which is either bad [it prevents us getting the info] or very bad [if he’s setting us up]. However, he’s still seen as a very violent risk, and there’s that whole freaking-people-out thing. Someone suggests limbing him as a useful safety precaution—after all, he’s a Sabbat, he’s shown a predilection for violent assault and a disinclination to cooperate even when not being actively assaulted, and he has scary powers that we can’t seem to resist. Plus, limbs can be reattached, and might prove a useful bargaining chip for info.

Eventually, they decide that, with Sergei’s talents of persuasion, there’s a good chance of getting some info, and they can minimize the risks, so it’s worth it. The plan is to tie him up and gag him, feed him to revive him, have Sergei control his mind, and only then remove the gag. Overheard at the table: “There’s the safety ball gag that’s like a whiffle ball…” Before doing so, they search his pockets and find nothing of note: cell phone, notebook, pen, spiked brass knuckles, cigarettes, lighter. Then Dennis gets Sergei’s circular saw and cuts off the captive’s right arm and left leg, they tie him to a chair, gag him, and feed him 4pts of blood.

[I don’t recall any moral objections to limbing him, merely comic insights into the results, and questioning whether reviving him, at all, was a worthwhile risk. Somebody’s due for a Humanity check?]

He wakes up jonesing for a fix. Sergei is forced to give him another 4 pts of spiked blood before he’s even lucid enough to focus on Sergei. Once Sergei seems to have control of him, Dennis cautiously removes the gag, and they question him, with Sergei doing the actual questioning, of course, and Dennis mostly providing the questions. They discover that:

  • Candy’s at home. He doesn’t know where “189” is.
  • Home is at some address in the downtown area. Parry thinks he recognizes the address as a ritzy apartment building.
  • He didn’t realize people were killed at a Rave.
  • He wants Candy because he “needs her”
  • “Candy would kill all of you.”
  • He’s been in DC for a month
  • He was told to come by the Archbishop of Philadelphia
  • He was supposed to make people crazy
  • Valerie and Erick are here.
  • Valerie is a priest,
  • Erick punishes people, “mostly me”
  • He recognizes Dobbs from a photo: Valerie thinks Dobbs is an idiot. He’s working with them, unwittingly, getting vampires to come and meet them.
  • Candy has Alex and pulled his teeth out and stabbed him a bunch too. He’s not final-deathed yet. He’s being held at their home.
  • They have also taken a bunch of other victims.
  • He doesn’t know anything about Revolutionary Systems, Inc.
  • “Primrose” doesn’t mean anything to him.
  • He doesn’t know anything about the bodies that were taken from Halo.
  • He thinks that Nikki is a lapdog to the Camarilla

Sergei gets a call on his phone. We gag the captive, and then Sergei answers. It’s the Sheriff, outside, trying to get in, and worried because the last message he got was a panicked and abrupt message from Opal. Sergei fills him in on what has happened and what they have learned. His response is, as predicted, to kill the captive.

There is barely enough time before dawn to get to a haven, so they make plans for the next night, and Sean warns them not to do anything without him. Dennis leads them to a bolt-hole of his sire’s, in the sewers, and tells only Sean where it is.


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