DC Shadows, Session 5

This week’s notes were particularly poor, because we were having a really fun time, with lots of non-mood-destroying joking around and zaniness. Which kept distracting me, an then I’d suddenly realize I hadn’t written anything down in half a scene. So, I suspect there are some things missing—and possibly some significant things. As usual, that’s what the comments are for.

Saturday night, everyone wakes up to voicemails, reporting fraudulent charges on their credit card [which is known code for “get your ass to Elysium, right now“]. Everyone heads more-or-less straight to Elysium, and find a very strange set-up when they get there: There are banners for each of the clans, except Tremere, with the members of each clan clustered under their banner. The Sheriff comes into the room and announces that each clan will go with its Primogen, and discuss the 5 dead people found at the rave [that we obviously shouldn’t’ve left—but more on that later].

The Ventrue meeting is brusque and accusatory. The Primogen keeps Barry and Opal after class, and grills them, but eventually determined they weren’t involved. At least not in a bad way.

The Nosferatu meeting is uneventful, with no real results.

The Malkavian meeting has a hitch, until Ben (the Primogen) remembers what’s going on. He uses pictures as mnemonics. He asks them if they’ve killed anyone, and once Parry clarifies that everyone he’s been in contact with was still alive when he left them, he adjourns the meeting. Before he can leave, Parry quizes him on what’s going on. (Ben doesn’t really know any more than that the deaths occurred in the same building as the rave, and seem to be the same MO as the previous 3-body massacre. )

After the meeting: Barry calls Nikki; Dennis runs into the Toreador Primogen, who has just arrived and seems confused.

Nikki didn’t deal with the new round of bodies (they came in while she was asleep), but it seems to be the same as last week’s massacre. Nobody has talked to Nikki about this (mortals or kindred), and she hasn’t tried to cover it up.

Dennis fills toreador Primogen in on what’s going on. Toreador primogen says he lost his cell a few days ago, probably tues–implying that that’s why he’s late for the Elysium meeting. But it’s unclear whether it is simply the communication snafu, or he was deliberately left out.

Dennis rounds up the others (Parry, Barry, Sergei, Opal), and gets everyone up to speed (mostly Sergei, but some is also news to Parry). In response, Parry notes that the Sheriff is the reason that Opal and Jonah and Barry weren’t at the rave when the murders occurred. They also ascertain that the massacre hasn’t hit news. At all.

Parry says he’ll “be right back”, leaves the meeting room, and goes out to catch a cab and see the ME [Nikki].

Rather than wait for Parry to return, the others talk to the Sheriff, and conclude that no one knows who’s keeping it quiet. They confirm that they should keep working on the original, as well as this new, massacre. The Sheriff tells them that [one of the] Primogen’s ghouls heard about the massacre on a police scanner and told them. Which makes it even more puzzling that there has been no news coverage.

The Sheriff is working on Alex’s datebook, and has isolated

C 592 T Primrose
Wed 10:45

as significant. The Sheriff is completely discombobulated by the whole situation.

Dennis calls his former FBI supervisor, who says that Alex [Tremere Primogen] is “out sick”.

Parry gets to the morgue and talks to Nikki’s brother, tell him he wants to set Nikki up. Then he talks to Nikki, trying to suggest to her that the Sheriff is in on this whole thing, knows who’s guilty and is covering it up, and Nikki is the logical scapegoat. Parry explains that he’s helping her because he thinks he’s gonna be a sacrificial lamb in the process of scapegoating Nikki. He says he’s very suspicious that the Sheriff seems to be hampering their investigation. Nikki seems persuaded, or at least wary, and talks to the bodies. The 2nd one [that she talks to] saw Kassandra and “189” and started screaming, late near the end of the rave. Whatever the 4th one saw caused Nikki to start screaming, and end up basically catatonic. Parry puts Nikki in a body locker to protect her, and leaves a note in her hand warning her that it might be daytime when she wakes up.

In the cabride back, Parry sees the evil queen [from Snow White] hitting him, chaining him up, and saying “mirror, mirror, on the wall, why don’t you do what i tell you?!” He checks with cabbie, who says he’s the only passenger in the cab.

Meanwhile, the others are discussing how to find the suspects. Someone suggest they could maybe throw rave of their own, and advertise it through Dmitri’s Hold.

Overheard at the table: “assuming we can trust the voices parry hears…”

Parry coaxes Dennis outside “where they won’t be overheard”, and tells him that he suspects the Sheriff is covering the whole thing up and setting them up as scapegoats for the “lousy investigation”, so that he can “exonerate” Alex—he’s said some pretty strong things about wanting to “make sure” that Alex isn’t involved/responsible—and then blame us for any failures in the investigation.

Sergei heads back to Dmitri’s Hold and checks security cam footage again. The vamp-in-a-box was delivered with unmarked delivery van by two burly guys in black skimasks.

Barry and Opal try to call someone [I didn’t catch who] to find out more about Revolutionary Systems Inc. They discover that the ‘i’ in the the RSI logo is a strange symbol.

Then Barry tries to find out where the delivery truck came from. He calls a police contact to try to get stoplight camera footage of the van. They eventually find the van on camera half a mile from Dmitri’s Hold, about 8pm. And with some more work, at another point after the drop-off. But only one instance each way, both fairly close to Dmitri’s Hold, and thus no real info about origin or destination.

Opal calls Anya to find out about the RSI symbol, and get’s the brush-off. So she goes over her head to the Sheriff, and then is able to get the answer: a Sabbat symbol of unknown meaning.

Barry, Opal, & Sergei go to Asylum [the underage club] to try and find out more about any Sabbat that might be in town. Inara greets them, and gets them in to see Lady Bethenny. Sergei immediately nearly commits a major faux pas, but the others rein him in, and Lady Bethenny says she knows the symbol, but thinks it’s just a “hi, i’m with the Sabbat” symbol. They find out that she was instrumental in driving the Sabbat out of town 6 years ago, but isn’t much other help. She’s happy to ask around about Kassandra and “189,” but they don’t want her to just post the pictures and scare them off. They discover that one kid had seen Kassandra; none have seen “189”.

Meanwhile, Dennis goes to the rave warehouse, approaching carefully. Once inside, he finds a policeman stuffed in a crate, his neck broken. He also finds a cell phone—William Dobbs’ [the Toreador Primogen] phone. He checks the new messages:

  • kariann being a blonde (on wed)
  • The Harpy wondering where he is
  • The Keeper wondering why he was at RSI
  • his construction company calling
  • Elysium meeting notification

And the still-saved old messages:

  • wed 10:30, from Alexander Wright: “i’m on my way.”
  • from The Sheriff: please come meet with me.

In the warehouse, he sees blood everywhere, but fewer signs of chasing/running/struggle than the last massacre.

Parry decides to try and smoke them out: he posts pictures of “189” everywhere online, saying variously that she’s a missing daughter, that she’s wanted for questioning in various crimes (including murder), and that she gave him a VD.

Somewhere along the way, Parry figures out that Alex’s meeting code would be a “location” in the sense that it’s a LoC section/call number, at the Downtown Branch Library. [Aside: C 592 is undefined, but C 156 is quite appropriately “Terrestrial evidence of interplanetary voyages”.] Parry heads over there, and gives Dennis a call when he’s halfway there. Dennis calls Sergei and they trade info.

Barry, Opal, & Sergei see a bunch of highschoolers hanging around in a park [where? near library? elysium?] smoking.

Opal dresses herself down a bit and sexes herself up, and approaches the kids. Overheard at the table: “She’s not a cougar, she’s a pedophile.” A couple of them run off, but she gets a light from one of them, and starts interrogating the ones who haven’t skedaddled. She starts talking to one of the kids, flirting with him, and convinces him that she’s a bit drunk. He’s cool to the touch. He shoos off his buddies, probably thinking he has an easy meal.

She leads him back to her car, and along the way starts hearing her [dead] sire complaining to her. So, as soon as she gets there, and it seems like he’s going to get into the car, she bolts to find her sire. Leaving barry and lars trying to get the guy, who freaked out as soon as he saw two guys lurking in the back seat of the car he thought he was going back to to make out in. The kid looks at Sergei and says something garbled, and Sergei jackrabbits. Then the kid tries to run for it. Barry dread gazes him, causing him to bolt worse. So Barry hops in the car and runs him down—causing him to frenzy.

Overheard at the table: “Now you just need to seduce him. I mean subdue him.” “If you often mix those two up, that would explain a lot.”

Barry [foolishly] gets out of the car, and starts attacking the vamp kid. After a messy fight, the kid is unconscious, but Barry is badly mauled. He and Sergei stake him, stick him in the car, drive off, ditch the car at some point, and take the kid back to Dmitri’s Hold. Oh, and call in some sort of bogus neighbor complaint to the cops, in the hopes of throwing off the cops. They also call the Sheriff, to let him know about the unknown vampires, and the potential mess they left in the park (somebody might’ve seen them running down the kid, frex).

Opal has meanwhile wandered off, talking to her sire. Barry eventually tracks her down, and drags her back to Dmitri’s Hold.

[And i’m pretty sure i missed something important here at the end—like I said: having too much fun.]


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