DC Shadows, Session 2

Caitlin was absent this session, so Opal was not on screen. Perhaps she did something else that we’ll find out about later (i.e., gave Faith a call and played out some stuff solo).

Also, I was a bit sleep deprived this session, so when my character wasn’t present, I tended to zone out—it certainly makes it easy to avoid using out-of-character knowledge, if you don’t have the knowledge in the first place. But it means that my summary is more unreliable than usual. edit: In fact, while I’m confident of all of these events, I’m pretty certain that I’ve jumbled the order of some of them. So assume that all of these things took place on either Tues or Wed night, but which night I might be wrong about.

The PCs awoke at dusk of Tues in their various havens. Picking up from last night’s investigations, Parry logged on to various BBSes, blogs, forums, etc., to check to see if any of his messages had yielded results. Dennis checked in with his girl friday at the PI business to see if he had any relevant messages. After that, he headed over to Sergei’s club to look at security footage, powwow, and otherwise try and get somewhere on IDing the two mystery women from the last session.

Barry was initially tending to his own affairs—in reality, Russell was hoping to connect his activities to at least one of the other PCs without too much metagame conttrivance, rather than being solo the whole night. As it turned out, he probably shoulda been a little more forceful, and contrived an entrance on his own, because it ended up being more than an hour (real time) of us noodling around before he got involved.

Somebody—I think it was Barry, but it might’ve been Dennis—utilized some contacts to try to get some info on the medical examiner, and/or the crime scene. Results were unimpressive, and didn’t really tell us anything new. [I think—I wasn’t paying much attention at this point].

Meanwhile, Parry had woken up with a vision still lingering. I rolled like garbage on the insight of the vision (1 success on 6 dice), but awesome on understanding it (4 successes on 4 dice). So, it didn’t tell me much, but what it did tell me was understandable. In the vision, Parry had run into (not literally) the Toreador primogen in the vicinity of Dmitri’s Hold, and the primogen had been clearly in a big hurry, distracted, and unusually gruff. So, after checking online, Parry promptly gimped his way over to the neighborhood of Dmitri’s Hold, with the intention of staking out the corner he’d seen, and then following the primogen. Unfortunately, the Toreador primogen was already there, so it went down pretty much as the vision had predicted, except with him literally bumping into Parry. Parry attempted to follow him, but with his bad leg, he never had a chance. However, I declared that it was his intention to figure out where the primogen was going, and try to get there on his own, since he couldn’t keep up to actually trail him.

With a moderately-successful roll [bizarre random intuitions are Parry’s stock in trade], Parry headed over to where he had a hunch the primogen had gone—a small office building not too far away. It was locked, so he tried to pick the lock: enough successes to get it open, but not enough successes to do it well—it’ll be obvious to anyone that someone busted in. Inside, he heard all sorts of voices. He decided to try and track them down, and figures some of them are coming from a couple floors up. So, he starts trying to track them down. Unfortunately, being lame, he’s very slow moving. Plus, I failed miserably on his rolls, so he wasn’t nearly as stealthy as he thought he was. Nonetheless, with his acute hearing and Auspex, tracking people down by hearing is actually pretty plausible. It’s catching up to them that is unlikely. And, in fact, by the time he got upstairs, they had already slipped past him and downstairs and outside (probably by taking the elevator). Parry was able to identify that someone was trying to talk while being muffled—probably a hand over their mouth, maybe a gag—and understand that they were saying “where are we going”. Hearing them now outside, he decided his only chance of catching them was to make a beeline for their car: go through the window at the end of the hall and hopefully land on or next to their car. He had the Fortitude to shrug off both the window and the fall, but, unfortunately, not the Potence to get through the window automatically. And I rolled lousy, as usual, so that they were already gone before he could break down the tempered-glass window. So he gave up and went downstairs, and then attempted to hotwire a car to follow them. A barely-sufficient roll got the car door open, again with obvious damage, but hotwiring just wasn’t going to happen, and the car alarm was going off (more lousy rolls). At this point, Parry was frustrated, and temporarily out of ideas. So he sat there in the car, Obfuscated, waiting for something else to happen.

While Barry and Parry were fruitlessly pursuing their own leads, Dennis and Sergei had mind-controlled several of Sergei’s ghouls and herd to get as much info as possible, getting a partial reproduction of mystery girl 2’s [high]school ID; and reviewed security camera footage to get a good face shot and tattoo [anarchy symbol? again, i forget] of her. The ID that she had used was for a Karl Levin, and the bouncer who’d let her in had strangely-muddled memories of the event, which we suspect means some sort of mystical ability. Some further research eliminated all local boarding schools, but identified a boarding school in Philly that used those colors and that the ID might be from. Dennis left a note with his girl friday to check with that school in the morning.

At some point, I think prior to this, Dennis called one of his contacts at the FBI, looking for similar cases to the “covered-up” messy triple-homicide. He found about 50[?] unsolved similar cases over the last 75[?] years, all up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The most recent cases were 9 and 14 years ago—and Karl Levin had disappeared in Philly 4 years ago. Though attempting to extend the 5-year pattern any further was fruitless [even if we ignore the fact that the current event wouldn’t fit such a pattern]. In any case, eliminating events that were likely just Sabbat games, he ended up with a handful in the near area and recent time period. But still no obvious pattern.

In the middle of this research, Barry gave Dennis a call, knowing that Dennis was a PI, and was invited down to Dmitri’s Hold to collaborate. In the meantime, Dennis had re-discovered the disposable cell that Parry had slipped him the night before, and decided to give him a call, in the hopes of getting another angle. When Parry got the call, he was still sitting in the “stolen” car, which, by this time, had been investigated, written up, and was in the process of being towed to impound. He jumped out of the moving car and caught a cab to Dmitri’s Hold. Once there, he took the images of the mystery women that they had captured off of Sergei’s surveillance cameras, and, using Sergei’s computer, started posting questions about them on some of the conspiracy-theory boards he frequented. When that hadn’t produced any results in an hour or so, he decided to post the unnamed woman’s photo—a fairly clear headshot—on 4chan. Within 15min, someone had posted a photo of Parry, obviously taken that evening at the office building where the kidnapping had taken place. Parry followed that up with a scan of his smiling face, embedding his name (Roy Neary), as well as those of Karl and Kassandra, in the image comments, but got no further responses.

In explaining why someone knowing it was him was no big deal [“well of course they know it’s me—the aliens have eyes everywhere. You don’t really think anything you do is secret, do you?”], he told the others about the Toreador primogen and the kidnapping earlier that evening.

Around that time, Barry arrived at Dmitri’s Hold, and exchanged info with Sergei and Dennis. Barry had some useful info about the Prince’s attitude towards the murders and cover-up, and had met with the medical examiner, whom Dennis knew from his FBI days. And who was a Giovanni, apparently with some kind of truce with the Prince.

Wednesday, Dennis checked in with his girl friday, who had called the school in Philadelphia. She reported that the response had been less than helpful: the secretary had basically said “what sort of sick joke are you trying to play?” and hung up.

He and Parry then went down to the morgue to talk with the Giovanni medical examiner. Dennis told Parry to wait in the car, and then went in to see her. As soon as he was out of sight, Parry Obfuscated and followed him in. Which was a fairly slow process, due to being very slow moving and needing to rely on others to open every door. Dennis met the ME in one of the prep rooms, and at first she played dumb, acting like she had no idea what Dennis was talking about. Once he pinned her down a bit, she agreed to answer some questions, and took him to one of the exam rooms. Parry followed them as best he could: he managed to avoid being bumped into or detected, but wasn’t able to keep up in order to slip into the exam room. I also activated his Dementation to heighten their passions, which had a slight effect on Dennis, but it was hard to tell how much of an effect it had on the ME. It had enough of an effect that an unknown voice made a favorable comment.

Dennis talked to her for a while, but she was too slippery, and too good at lying, for him to get much out of her. Parry was able to eavesdrop on just about the whole conversation. The unknown male voice made snide comments throughout, and Parry gradually realized that apparently nobody else was hearing him. With a little persuasion, and at Parry’s prompting, Dennis was able to get a vial of the crime-scene blood from the ME. When she went to get the blood, Parry slipped into the exam room, and began to very quietly interrogate the male voice. He had expected it to be the body on the exam table, but discovered that it claimed to be a ghost. Which was very reassuring, because the aliens can’t bug or control a ghost, since it has no body—and probably not something he should’ve said out loud when trying to persuade the ghost of his usefulness. He remained hidden in the exam room when the Giovanni returned, and waited for her and Dennis to leave. Once they were gone, he talked to the ghost some more, and managed to get a smidge of info out of him: he was the brother of the ME, killed by her and her sister, who might or might not also be in town. And the ME thinks it is her sister that did the killing, but the ghost was sure it wasn’t. In return for the info, Parry promised the ghost that he would find a way to embarrass and discredit the ME.

Dennis went back out to the car, discovered that Parry had wandered off, grumbled, and left. But not before making a phone call to chew Parry out. Luckily, Parry had his phone on silent, as we has, at that moment, attempting to sneak back out of the morgue. Upon getting back outside and discovering that Dennis had left without him, he called a cab, and headed back to Dmitri’s Hold, where he told the others what he had learned. (Well, Sergei and Dennis at least—I don’t remember if Barry was there or not.)

[Looking back on this, it sure seems like Dan and I hogged all the screentime. Part of this is my poor memory of what others did when my character wasn’t involved—this write-up isn’t an accurate representation. Partly, I think we did get more than our share—I’ll try and not do that in the future. Nonetheless, it didn’t feel quite so skewed at the time, so I fear I may have missed whole chunks of plot involving other characters, which they will hopefully fill in via comments. At least, I hope it really wasn’t this badly skewed.]


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  1. Danb says:

    I’m called Dennis!

    • woodelf says:

      Fixed. I thought it was strange, but didn’t have anything to double-check against, so decided that perhaps it was, in fact, strange.

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