Malicious, or Incompetent?

OK, it’s not like I had a very high opinion of Fox News before last week. But, still, I expected heavily-slanted reporting, emphasizing things that supported a more-conservative POV, and glossing over or ignoring things that undermined the same. Maybe some heavy spinning. But outright, bald-faced, self-serving [er, conservative-serving, at least]—and transparent—lies? Apparently, when Mark Sanford (Republican governor of S Carolina) was decrying the stimulus package(s), he was on Fox News all the time, being interviewed, serving as a talking head, etc. And yet, just a few weeks later, when he blows off Father’s Day to have a romantic weekend in Argentina with his [extra-marital] lover, on the state’s dime, and puts both family and staff in the awkward position of lying to try and cover up for him, suddenly they start putting a ‘D’ after his name:

Fox News labeling Sanford a Democrat

Fox News labeling Sanford a Democrat

So, apparently, only Democrats can be involved in immoral activity—therefore if someone is caught acting immoral, they must, by definition, be a Democrat, and all those years of calling themselves a Republican, and being treated and publicly identified as a Republican, was just a mistake. And all men are Socrates.

And just in case you have any doubts, there is no indication that they’ve made this “mistake” before—in fact, I can’t even find evidence that they’re claiming it’s a mistake this time. Check out Daily Kos or Media Matters for some more evidence, and links.


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