A Successful Plan!

a successful plan

a successful plan

What you’re seeing here is a poor photograph of the mini whiteboard I use sometimes for RPing. In this particular case, it was keeping track of the steps in our plan to free some high muckity-mucks from the evil alien overlords that now controlled Earth. [In a game of Necessary Evil, for those who’re wondering.] The details don’t matter—and aren’t even all there. What you should take note of is the fact that every single step has been checked off.

Maybe it’s just poor luck, lack of skill (player or character), or devious GMs, but I literally can’t remember the last time the players hatched a detailed plan, and then actually successfully executed it—whether I was one of those players, or the [devious] GM in question. There’s always a snafu—a typical plan turns out much more Farscape than Mission Impossible. And that’s when we even have a plan that exceeds Ghostbuster standards.

But this one actually went according to plan (pun intended), even despite a couple setbacks and surprises. Yeah, we had to accommodate a bit, but not to the point where any of our steps became completely irrelevant, and we actually got the hoped-for end result. And no casualties!

In case you care, the steps, as best as I can remember them (since a couple got truncated in the photo):

  1. Hyacinth builds chameleon and mind-control gadgets
  2. Titan throws cars
  3. drone squad shows up
  4. Titan & Halflife defeat drones
  5. Hyacinth and Obsidian take van
  6. disguise/fix van
  7. fly to prison
  8. Hyacinth bluffs her way into prison
  9. load prisoners into van
  10. run away—er, reposition tactically, that is

I think I’ve reconstructed the chopped-off steps properly. I know that’s the last step—i’m less certain about the 2 in between, though that’s definitely the gist of them. Most of the steps had more detail, and they all make more sense in context. But, again, the actual plan isn’t what i’m crowing about. I’m just pleased as punch that we were able to come up with, agree upon, and execute any plan. Not that it seems to be turning into a habit, or anything.…


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