Do you even know what lanes are for?

Does the average motorist even understand basic principles of traffic and road utilization, like destination-based lanes? 

W Dayton St has a bike lane, so when it’s safe to do so, I use the bike lane, out of consideration for the motorists. Though given the way motorists treat me, I don’t know why I bother. A car is the first vehicle to Park St, and they already have their right-turn signal on as they come to a stop at the lights, so they obviously already know they’re planning to turn right. But they’re not in the right-most lane. 

There’s very little cross traffic, but they’re just sitting there at the red light as i pull up in the right-most lane. Only after I come to a complete stop in the right lane, and have been sitting there for a few seconds, do they start to edge forward to make a right turn. From the center lane. So I edge forward, to make sure they’ve seen me (though I can’t imagine how they couldn’t’ve), and to make sure they aren’t going to get away with turning across the front of another vehicle. The passenger then says ‘hi’ (their windows are down). I say ‘hi’. And the driver edges up some more. At this point, I say, “you know, if you want to turn right, you should be in the right-hand lane.” Nobody in the car said anything [loudly enough for me to hear]. Then the light turned green, I got moving, and they presumably made their right turn from the center lane (behind me). 

Would anybody make a right turn across not merely a straight-through traffic lane, but an actual vehicle that is going straight through the intersection? Or is this brand of idiocy reserved for restricted lanes—such as a lane that is restricted to “Bicycles and Right Turns Only“? (emphasis mine)


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